Congrès de l’association d’art des universités du Canada

Octobre 12-15 octobre 2017, Banff Center for Arts and Creativity, Banff

Diaspora, Trauma, Memory

Présidente de séance, Bojana Videkanic, Université de Waterloo. Jessica Thompson, Université de Waterloo; Dot Tuer OCAD et Claudia Bernal, UQAM

The intent of this panel session is to focus on the inter-relationship of diaspora, trauma, and memory as each is evoked via visual culture (images/objects/places, etc.). The contemporary moment, rifewith antagonisms and trauma with respect to migration, seemslike the opportune time to discuss issues of how ideas, images, and objects related to diasporic experience find their way into the public consciousness. The aim is to bring together scholars whose chronological or cultural research areas may be disparate yet they share a common interest in the ramifications of displacement, and its ongoing cultural, political, and social relevance.